Daher Opens New Paint Facility for Kodiaks in Idaho

The Kodiak 100 Series III and 900 benefit from an improved process taken in-house at Sandpoint.
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Textron Aviation Announces Delivery of 100th King Air 360

Numerous enhancements mark the latest version of the long-running Beechcraft business turboprop.
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TBM 900 Series Marks 500 Deliveries for Daher

The speedy and sexy single-engine turboprop has gained even more traction in the market after the introduction of the TBM 960 last year.
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McCauley Celebrates Certification for King Air Props

The propeller-focused OEM provides a first-time, in-the-family solution for the twin turboprop.
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Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1943 Douglas DC-3

Designed in the Golden Age, the DC-3 remains a relevant load hauler in modern aviation.
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Avantto Orders 34 Epic E1000 GX Aircraft for Fractional Fleet in Latin America

New turboprop singles are part of an expansion plan focusing on Brazil.
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Cessna SkyCourier Receives Certification from Brazil’s Civil Aviation Authority

Textron Aviation says the twin turboprop utility aircraft is well suited to work in Brazil’s diverse geography.
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Transport Canada Grants Certification for Piper M600SLS HALO

Company offers a kit with parts and software to upgrade existing M600/SLS to the HALO Safety System.
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Daher Celebrates Milestone TBM Deliveries, Kodiak Success

The OEM debuted the Kodiak 900 last year and deliveries have just begun.
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Garmin to Put Autoland, Autothrottle on Select King Airs

The retrofit kit for the emergency landing system is the first on a twin turboprop.
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