Engine Failure Turns Puppy Ferrying Flight Into Glider

Updated GPS and a moving map display were a game changer when a Cessna 172N engine lost power.
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When a Tweet Turns into a Smokin’ Hot Jet

Yes, engines do smoke…
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Life Lessons of an Iced-Up Mooney

A flight from Illinois on an average winter day becomes a reminder to not become complacent or let yourself be intimidated by ATC.
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Astray Into the Zone

God smiles upon fools—and lieutenants.
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Buyer Beware

An instructor is left with unsettling doubts about a student's motives.
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Lessons Learned From Flying the Mail

After more than 30 years and 25,000 hours of flying as a freight dog, this pilot knew the unexpected and unplanned would happen.
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Over The Rockies With No Alternator

And that was the good news…
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Look Out, Rapid City!

A return to "needle, ball, and airspeed" saves a B-24 crew.
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‘Talk to Me Goose’

A pilot flies through an incident with grief on his shoulders.
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Are We There Yet?

Ensure your passengers are also ready for a flying adventure.
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