Apollo Astronaut Ken Mattingly Dead at 87

Famous Naval aviator is best known for helping save the crew of Apollo 13 in 1970.
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SpaceX: Starship Could Launch Again By Mid-November

The company says the spacecraft’s first flight test, which ended in flames, 'provided numerous lessons learned.'
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Helijet Brings Electric Air Taxis to Canada

We round up news from Helijet, Beta Technologies, SpaceX, Zipline, and plenty more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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European Space Agency Announces Student Internship Program

Graduate students who are citizens of Canada, as well as those from more than two dozen countries throughout Europe and beyond, may apply.
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SpaceX’s Starship—the Most Powerful Rocket in History—Nears Return to Flight

Starship has been grounded since April after its maiden voyage ended in an explosion, but the massive spacecraft is getting closer to a ...
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NASA C-130 Makes First Flight to Antarctica

The 26,400 nm, round-trip flight delivering an observatory to McMurdo Station took nearly a year to organize, according to the space agency.
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Astronauts Test Artemis Moon Camera

The Handheld Universal Lunar Camera in development has a blanket for dust and thermal protection, as well as ergonomic buttons for use with ...
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NASA Artemis II’s Orion Crew, Service Modules Joined

The two major spacecraft components, which have undergone hardware installation and testing in recent months, will transport astronauts on a mission around the ...
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Is China the Top Dog in eVTOL?

We address that question and break down news from Amazon, Archer, and more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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2 NASA Employees Win Awards for Planetary Defense

Brian Key and Scott Bellamy recently received medals at the 'Sammies' for their work on the Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission.
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