Auto Flight for Rotorcraft

Garmin's new autopilot for the AStar smoothes out the rough edges.
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Global Avionics Sales Posted Strong Growth in 2022, Aircraft Electronics Association Says

Industry group reported a nearly 22 percent year-over-year increase in 2022 sales across its surveyed companies.
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uAvionix Introduces Combo Tailbeacon ADS-B

Company has received an STC for more than 500 aircraft make and models.
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What Pilots Need to Know about Retrofit Avionics

Why now is the perfect time to upgrade your airplane with the panel of your dreams.
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Certification of Sandel’s Avilon Flight Deck Expected Early Next Year

Priced at $175,000 installed, the King Air retrofit cockpit is less than half the cost of competing retrofits.
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Garmin’s G700 TXi Becomes Available for Cessna Citations

Retrofit avionics installation brings legacy bizjets advanced capabilities.
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Pro Line Fusion Approved for King Air B200 and B300 in Europe

Major retrofit brings the latest avionics to twin turboprop models.
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Garmin’s Retrofit Autopilot STCed for Additional Aircraft Models

Grumman and Piper models are added to the list.
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Aspen Avionics Upgrades Evolution Systems

MAX enhancements brings brighter screens and more features to the PFD/MFD combination.
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Garmin Expands Availability of Retrofit Autopilots

10 additional aircraft models can incorporate GFC 500 and GFC 600 systems.
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