Garmin Updates D2 Watch Series with Mach 1 Pro

The new multifunction tool includes an LED flashlight, night modes, and an ECG app.
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Dassault’s FalconWays Uses Route Optimization to Target Carbon Emissions

The new tool allows Falcon jet pilots to find the most fuel-efficient routing.
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What Is a MOS Forecast?

For an airport without a TAF, a MOS forecast can provide some useful guidance about expected meteorological conditions—but it has some limitations.
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A Flying Sojourn at Low Levels

Connecting with the past via a Piper Arrow.
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Does the Pilot Watch Still Have a Role in the Cockpit?

AVI-8 Hawker Hunter timepiece makes a case for old-school instrumentation.
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What Impact Does Time Change Have on Aviation?

Here's how the aviation world navigates local time adjustments during daylight saving time.
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Keep Practicing After Your Check Ride

To keep and build your skills, you need to have a plan.
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Why Is Area Forecast Discussion Important for Preflight Planning?

The AFD is a vehicle for the forecaster to document technical reasoning behind the forecast they just issued.
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Have You Checked the NOTAMs Today?

FLYING's quick guide explaining the different types of Notices to Air Missions and what they mean.
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NOTAM System Crash Spurs FAA to Ground All U.S. Flight Departures

Flights are resuming in Newark and Atlanta airports as President Biden announced an investigation into the system failure.
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