‘Talk to Me Goose’

A pilot flies through an incident with grief on his shoulders.
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Are We There Yet?

Ensure your passengers are also ready for a flying adventure.
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A Flock of Geese Triggers Another Hazard

When hazy conditions combine with clouds of snow geese, a pilot learns the value of over communicating and ADS-B.
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No More Happy Landings

Some of life’s twists and turns cause a pilot to no longer feel like he should be called a pilot.
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Summer Haze and Low on Fuel

A sloping problem leads to less fuel on board.
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A Bug Interrupts a Flight Lesson

Learning to keep your cool with a student
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Hawaii Lessons in an Ercoupe

From a Luscombe to flying on floats, one instructor’s journey informs his teaching.
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Overloaded Takeoff in the Outback

A pilot in Australia runs out of runway—and options.
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Final Turn in the Azores

When the automation in a Lockheed C-141 makes a rookie mistake.
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Detonation Grounds a Mooney

A hiccup in the engine drives a pilot to a precautionary landing.
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