FAA’s MOSAIC Comment Window Is Soon Closing

This video details what you need to know about the FAA’s Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification proposed regulation.
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Direct Fly’s Alto NG a Beautiful Bargain

There's no need to wait two years for a MOSAIC aircraft of your dreams.
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Van’s Updates List of RV Parts Reportedly Forming Cracks

The company says the defects in certain rivet holes appear to have resulted from the laser-cutting process.
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CubCrafters Unveils Carbon Cub UL

The Carbon Cub UL is the first airplane to be powered by the Rotax 916iS engine.
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The Increasingly Rare Pleasure of the Beechcraft Skipper

Beechcraft developed its own modernized entry into the primary trainer market after compiling a list of the most desired Cessna 150 improvements.
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Piper J-3 Cub’s Heritage of Simplicity, Reliability

An enchanting legacy that you can fly.
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Inside the Career of a Sport Pilot CFI

While there are many variables, training student pilots is always rewarding.
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The Piper Tomahawk: A Lot More Airplane for a Lot Less Money

With a T-tail and stall-spin nuances, this model rewards proper technique with a modern design.
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The Luscombe 8 Offers a Unique Trip Back in Time

This stick-and-rudder star offers nimble handling and light sport flexibility.
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Choose Your Mount—The Maules Do it All

From load-carrying ability to performance, Maule aircraft deliver 'numerous and legitimate' benefits but can be tricky to land.
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