Can a Pilot Be Colorblind?

It’s a very common question, but the answer might surprise you.
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Did Any U.S. Presidents Hold Pilot Certificates?

There have been three commanders in chief who earned their wings.
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Can 2 Student Pilots Fly Together?

It’s important to recognize that the limitations are there for a reason.
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Why Are So Many Airplanes Painted White?

When it comes to picking a color for your aircraft, choose wisely.
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What Is a MOS Forecast?

For an airport without a TAF, a MOS forecast can provide some useful guidance about expected meteorological conditions—but it has some limitations.
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Why Don’t All Airplanes Have Static Wicks?

The equipment is more common on aircraft certified for IFR conditions.
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I Lost My Logbook. What Now?

If you can't put your hands on your logbook, the FAA can help you reconstruct your hours and endorsements.
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Are Student Pilots Allowed to Fly Solo at Night?

It’s important for pilots to keep it legal in the dark.
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How Can dBZ Values Be Negative?

Doppler images are packed with important life-saving guidance—assuming a pilot knows how to interpret all the pretty colors.
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Are Pilots Required to Call Flight Service for a Briefing Before Departure?

Regulations don’t specifically state that you must, but skipping the interaction can leave you open to potential FAA scrutiny.
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