Voyages of Discovery Can Be Money Well Spent

There is plenty to gain (and offer) from introductory flights.
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Instructing Isn’t for Everyone, but It Gives You Great Skills

Flight instructing is only one way to build time and experience in an airplane.
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Stuck at the Regionals: The Downside to Flow Agreements

In this current airline pilot hiring cycle, the arrangements can become velveteen handcuffs.
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Will Tattoos Prevent a Pilot from Being Hired at a Major Airline?

Airline pilot and FLYING contributor Sam Weigel answers that career question and more in this week's episode of V1 Rotate.
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A Seat To Jump For

When jumpseating, it's possible to run afoul of rules and etiquette, so it’s worth becoming familiar with the process early on.
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6 Things to Know Before Launching Professional Flight Training

From trimming to time studying between lessons, a professional pilot details what he wished he knew before his flight training.
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How to Pace Your Flight Training Like a Pro

A professional pilot makes the case for slowing your roll.
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Grass Strip Landings with a Pro

A professional pilot reviews short- and soft-field takeoffs and landings at three grass strips, and explains why the experience is important for those ...
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Soft and Short Field Operations: Relevant to Professional Pilots?

Keeping the fun and adventure in training and time building is the best way to build a foundation for an enjoyable aviation career.
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The Risks of Owning an Aircraft While Training

A professional pilot looks at the pros and cons of owning your own airplane while building flight hours.
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