Sporty’s Pilot Shops Partner with LIFT Academy for Training Courses

Online instruction from the aviation supply store is now part of the curriculum.

Thousands of pilots use Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s ground schools to help them reach their aviation goals. Now that number is about to grow as Sporty’s has established a partnership with Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy, a training program owned by Republic Airways.

Sporty’s is honored to have been selected by LIFT Academy as an online training provider,” said Sporty’s president John Zimmerman. “Sporty’s courses, paired with LIFT’s on-site flight training, will provide LIFT students with a premier learning experience as they prepare for their aviation career.” The partnership gives LIFT Academy attendees access to a wide range of training resources, including Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course, Instrument Rating Course, Commercial Pilot Course, and Garmin G1000 Checkout Course.

Each course includes hours of video content with flight deck perspectives and sophisticated 3D animations. The instruction can be accessed on Sporty’s dedicated mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, and downloaded for offline viewing.

“LIFT chose Sporty’s as the course provider for our students for the feature-rich and modern courseware that will complement our innovative, industry-leading training program while providing students with the skills they need to succeed,” said Edward Bagden, director of LIFT operations and academic programs. “The flight school management tools provide our team with the tools they need to provide LIFT students with the best training possible.”

The partnership includes access to Sporty’s test prep tools, allowing users to create unlimited study sessions and practice exams through access to the company’s proprietary database of thousands of test questions. The exams can be randomized or focused on specific areas to help the users address soft spots in their knowledge to customize their learning experience.

LIFT Academy will use Sporty’s CFI Portal and Chief CFI features to monitor and track student progress within the courses. These tools allow LIFT instructors and management to better ensure that learners are staying on track to meet their training objectives.

About Lift Academy

LIFT Academy is headquartered in Indianapolis and has additional training facilities in Texas and South Carolina. The academy utilizes Diamond DA40 and DA20 single-engine aircraft and DA42 multiengine designs as well as advanced aviation training devices (AATDs) from Diamond Simulation and Frasca International to enhance the learning environment. In addition, LIFT utilizes virtual reality immersive training devices (ITDs) crafted by Vertex Solutions.

For more information, visit  the LIFT website.


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