Portable G-Meter Gives Pilots Feedback on Inflight Forces

A new portable device from Radiant Technology moves between aircraft and requires no installation.

Feeling “Gs” is a part of flying, be it in a steep turn or when Mother Nature decides to bat the airplane around like it is a cat toy. Radiant Technology is introducing a new Gen2 G-meter that allows pilots to accurately record the intensity of these inflight forces. 

The Gen2 is portable and has a graphing function that displays Gs over time using a color coded scale.

According to James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant Technology, the Gen2 is self-powered and can be attached using Velcro or an optional holster, making it easy to transfer from aircraft to aircraft, which makes it a valuable tool.

Gen2 G-meter [Courtesy: Radiant]

“A visualization of G force is useful and fun for any pilot, but is especially valuable for student pilots,” said Wiebe. “We did a market survey of various competitive products and could not find any with graphing and needle modes, especially at a reasonable price.” 

According to the company, the Gen2 operates in the plus-8 to minus-8 G range with the minimum and maximum values constantly displayed. The unit has a graphing mode and a traditional needle for presentation. There is an audible alarm for auditory notification of tolerances. The unit comes with a USB rechargeable battery (cable included). The unit can operate up to five hours on a single charge. The unit weighs 2 ounces, which is about the same as a snack box of raisins.

How to Use It

To use the Gen2 it needs to be mounted on a vertical surface. When the unit is activated it will display current, minimum and maximum Gs. The user can move between the graphing and needle mode by pressing the “next” button switches. The screen is dimmable, and the needle and the graphing mode are color-coded and will change to red at plus-4 or minus-2 Gs. An aural alarm also sounds, which may be muted by briefly pressing the speaker button.

The unit carries an introductory price of $149. The attachment holster sells for $49.


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